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What are the side effects of Simparica?

 by ben on 03 Jun 2019 |
7 Comment(s)

We all want to protect our pets from fleas, ticks and the diseases they carry, but some treatments can come with nasty side effects.

Every good pet parent wants to keep fleas off his dog, but many worries about the side effects that can accompany various flea and tick treatments. Fortunately for conscientious dog moms and dads, Simparica offers a once-a-month chewable treatment that is FDA-approved and safe for Fido, taking the guesswork out of fighting fleas and ticks.

Like other oral treatments, Simparicaworks by entering a dog’s bloodstream immediately after ingestion. When fleas or ticks bite, they are exposed to its FDA-approved ingredient sarolaner, the insecticide, and acaricide that kills parasites fast. Sarolanerstarts fighting fleas within three hours and begins to kill ticks after 8 hours—including the lone star tick, black-legged tick, brown dog tick, American dog tick, and Gulf Coast tick. Because this ingredient works differently on invertebrates than mammals, however, Simparica for dogs has been proven safe during field trials.

Simparicaworks by impacting the nervous system of invertebrates such as fleas and ticks. The innovative formula disrupts gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and glutamate receptors, which both play a role in nerve transmissions. GAGA-gated channels help to calm nerve transmissions, which sarolaner alters, creating an influx of nerve transmissions. At the same time, it opens glutamate-gated channels, which adds to the flood of nerve communications. The results are fatal for fleas and ticks but safe for mammals such as your dog.

Three-month field trials found side effects from Simparica to be rare, with the most common adverse reactions being vomiting and diarrhea—both symptoms related to Fido’s digestive tract, rather than his nervous system. In isolated cases, however, dogs displayed more serious reactions such as tremors, muscle twitching, and seizures. Simparica is available by prescription only, so discuss any history your dog has of seizure disorders with your veterinarian when determining the best flea and tick treatment for your pet.

In addition to killing fleas and several kinds of ticks, Simparicais effective in preventing and treating mange and ear mites. Thanks to its innovative formula, the treatment continues to work for 35 days, providing long-lasting relief from parasites and the diseases they carry. Simparica is available in different doses for dogs 2.8 pounds and over, but has not been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or nursing pets. Discuss Simparica chewable treats with your veterinarian when looking for a safe, effective way to arm your dog against biting parasites and the diseases they carry.


Cheryl Bell - Comment
Cheryl Bell31 May 2020Reply
Is it possible that Simparica could cause neurological issues with my dog. He was diagnosed with "Sundowners" . I have noticed that he hardly needs no meds for this neurological issue near the end of the month. I give my dogs Simparica at the beginning of each month. Just wondering?
Nadia  - Comment
Nadia 14 Jul 2020Reply
I gave my dog his first dose today and 6 hours later he was throwing up and became frantic to get outside to eat grass. Although he didn’t continue throwing up and was fine otherwise, he was still outside 12 hours later eating grass. I’m switching back to the old stuff.
Erin Hall - Comment
Erin Hall25 Jul 2020Reply
Gave my dog Charlie Simparica yesterday now he is shaking and panting really bad. No appetite, not like Charlie. He seems dehydrated. I've tried Gatorade and Ginger ale but he only drank a little. What should I do?
Denise - Comment
Denise03 Aug 2020Reply
We gave Simparica two days ago and he's not had an appetite, he's eating grass, is drinking a lot of water and sleeping. How long do the side effects last? We wont be using this medicine ever again!
Judi - Comment
Judi05 Aug 2020Reply
Gave Simparica to my dog yesterday. Today he won’t eat, is sleeping all day, and when he is up he is panting heavily. I’m done with this drug!
Toni wallet - Comment
Toni wallet10 Aug 2020Reply
I gave my precious puppy this and 12 hours later
He is having profuse diarrhea, urinating constantly and he is supper agitated
My vet did not tell me anything about the side effects
Camella Johnson - Comment
Camella Johnson12 Aug 2020Reply
I am sure simparica caused a fatal seizure in my boxer. She passed away soon after taking this medication. I will never use this product again!!!!! I advise all pet owners to know the side effects. My veterinarian did not warn me of these and now my precious boxer is gone!!!!!

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