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April 2013

Pet Proof Your Home

 by zack on 25 Apr 2013 |
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Pets are the most adorable little pains available to contemporary pet owners. They have this nasty trick; they get you to love them so that you won’t immediately kill them for scratching your furniture, eating your shoes, or ruining the carpet. Lucki...

Dogs Can Smell Cancer

 by zack on 17 Apr 2013 |
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Man’s best friend has been responsible for a lot of wonderful human advancements throughout the ages. Thanks to the domestication of dogs, humans gained the ability to herd other domesticated animals and support ever larger populations. Dogs have be...

Dog Learning 101

 by zack on 12 Apr 2013 |
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Man’s best friend is often a lovable dolt. Dogs are as cute as they are dumb, but they do show occasional flashes of brilliance. There are numerous parodies of dogs being able to speak and what they might say, but the stark reality is that they have ...

Finding Forever Homes: Tips on Fostering a Pet

 by zack on 08 Apr 2013 |
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“Love thy neighbor as you love yourself”.  I would like to start with one of the Ten Commandments since pets are in many ways just like human beings.  They are our beloved neighbors, loyal companions, and inevitably fallible fur-balls.  That’s why it...

Common Cat Illnesses and their Symptoms Part 2

 by zack on 01 Apr 2013 |
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We’re picking up right where we left off from yesterday with part two of our list of common cat ailments and their symptoms. First up is… Feline Panleukopenia This condition is caused by a virus and is most commonly known as feline distemper. Thoug...
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