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May 2014

Turn Your Pet’s Coat into a Coat for Yourself!

 by danielle on 31 May 2014 |
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Have you ever been cuddling your fluffy cat or dog and thought what a wonderful coat their fur would make?   Historically, the Native American Salish tribe used the fleece of the extinct Salish Wool Dogs in their designs. Modern day craftspeople are...

Surfs Up! Pets Who Love the Waves

 by danielle on 31 May 2014 |
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Many dogs can’t be stopped from diving into the ocean when they arrive at the beach. Nowadays, some dogs love to surf th...

Unlikely Animal Friendships That Make Your Heart Melt 2

 by danielle on 31 May 2014 |
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Dogs and cats just can't stop making friends! Here are some more unusual animal besties pets have made.  The Wild Boar...

The Side Effects of ProHeart Prevention Tablets

 by simone on 30 May 2014 |
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Heartworm disease is the leading cause of death in dogs so preventing it is at the top of the priority list for any dog lover. Heartworm is carried by mosquitoes so infections are very easily spread. An untreated worm infestation will damage your do...

Celebrity Pets: Lassie

 by danielle on 30 May 2014 |
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Lassie is one of the most iconic dog characters of all time – but who was the face behind the famous name? Said to have...

Throwback 'Purrs'-day: Still can't get enough of Keyboard Cat

 by wai on 29 May 2014 |
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Oh Keyboard Cat - how we love you so! And best of all - you're still releasing brand new kitty-board hits like this furr...

Car Dog Barrier

 by wai on 29 May 2014 |
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Keep you and your family protected when you’re on the road with your dog. Our list of Car Dog Barriers offer peace of mind – and keep curious wet noses in back seat! Bergan Pet Travel Barrier A simple and elegant solution to keep your pets from poki...

Extinct breeds: Turnspit

 by danielle on 29 May 2014 |
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Everyone knew what a Turnspit was. There were thousands in kitchens all through the kingdom. No one thought about them m...

Helping Children Cope with the Loss of a Pet

 by jaime on 28 May 2014 |
No Comment
When people make the decision to bring a dog or cat into their lives, they are welcoming that new pet as a member of the...

Dog Seat Belts

 by jaime on 28 May 2014 |
3 Comment(s)
Many of our four legged friends love accompanying their owners on car drives to exciting destinations: the park, the beach, a friends house - never the vet though! Car safety is of paramount importance to humans and the same should be extended to d...
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