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July 2016

Why cats prefer high places?

 by yunus on 28 Jul 2016 |
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If your cat is like most, you often find him perched atop the refrigerator, wardrobe or other lofty places. He may be fully domesticated, but your feline’s affinity for heights stems from his natural instincts. Climbing, prowling and even napping in ...

Is it OK to let my dog kiss me?

 by yunus on 15 Jul 2016 |
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People tend fall into two camps when it comes to dog kisses: Some come home, swoop down and let Fido lavish them with slobbery smooches, while others are repulsed by the very idea of pet saliva. Similarly, research is ambivalent when it comes to the ...

Why dogs love chewing your prized possessions

 by yunus on 06 Jul 2016 |
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A dog may be man’s best friend, but it doesn’t always feel that way when you come home to find he’s destroyed your favorite pair of shoes or gnawed the arm of the sofa. There are several explanations for Fido’s fixation on chewing, however, ranging f...
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