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Nexgard for Dogs 24-60 lbs (10-25kg) 6 Chewables

Giving your dog their flea and tick treatment is now a real delight with revolutionary NexGard!

Expiry date: 06/2023
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Product Description
From the makers of Frontline is NexGard, a flea and tick killer that truly is one of a kind. Using a brand new ingredient, afoxolaner, it works quickly and effectively to treat and keep fleas and ticks at bay. NexGard is also a hit with dogs because it's the first flea and tick treatment to come in a delicious beef flavored chew which dogs love to eat.
Upon consumption, NexGard is rapidly absorbed into your dog's bloodstream and begins to attack any flea and tick's central nervous system as well as preventing them from laying any eggs. NexGard is excreted through your dog's metabolism so they are consistently protected for 30 days.
NextGard is FDA approved and highly recommended by vets and can be taken in conjunction with heartworm treatments. NextGard is clean and easy to administer so you no longer have to rely on messy topical applications, giving you peace of mind knowing that your dog has received and consumed the treatment they require and are fully protected from nasty fleas and ticks.

Questions & Answers (8)
Are these prices United States prices? They are not Canadian prices, right?
This is US Dollars. All orders would be charges in US Dollars
Hi, Is the product good for treatment of flea or just for the prevention of flea? Thanks
Nexgard treats ticks and fleas.
how much does the package weight ?
Around 150g.
how many days does it take for the procDuct to be delivered?
It usually takes 10 to 15 working days to arrive.
concerned because our dog is 59-63 throughout the years. Presently been 58-60 lbs concerned giving the larger dose since it goes all the way to 121 lbs
If your dog around 60 lbs , it should be ok to give this to him. However we always recommend you get advise from your vet before administering any medication.
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Excellent Source
Going on 5 yrs using this site, never let me down....
C. Gill
This product has worked perfectly. My dog is allergic to fleas and with this I haven’t had any problems
T. Penick
My dog has shown adverse reactions to Comfortis, I won't use topicals so we tried Nexgard. No side effects and no fleas! Very happy with this.
A. Azevedo
Great product
I rely on this every month to keep the fleas away and my dogs just think they’re getting a special treat.
C. Viol
No more fleas or ticks
When I adopted my dog, my vet recommended I give Tia nexgard. Since giving it to her, she only had one tick get her. She's a roller in the grass. But other than that one time, she never had any other ticks and never had fleas
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