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5 Essential Items Every New Puppy Owner Should Have

 by jaime on 18 Jun 2014 |
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 A puppy is an exciting addition to your family and can bring a lot of joy to your life.  However, you have to make sure you're prepared to welcome your furry friend into your home.  Fortunately, it only takes a few simple necessities to get ready for your family's four-legged friend. Here are five essential items every new puppy owner should have:

1. Collar

First and foremost, you need a good collar for your dog.  A collar should always have a tag that's engraved with your pet's name as well as your contact information.  If your new puppy accidentally wanders off, anyone who finds it will be able to get in touch with you.  For dogs without a microchip implant, this is an absolute must.  Even if you do decide to invest in some form of an identification chip, a collar with a tag can serve as a little insurance for keeping track of your pup.
2. Leash

To go along with that collar, you'll need a sturdy leash. You want one that gives your dog a bit of room to roam, but not so much freedom that you won't be able to stay in control. There are many types of leashes that can attach to a harness.  These styles will be helpful to prevent the uncomfortable choking that could result from an enthusiastic puppy that tries to dart ahead of you.
3. Food
The next essential item your new dog will require is food. You should talk to your veterinarian to determine what kind of food will be appropriate for your chosen breed.  As a general rule, a high-quality brand with a puppy-based formula will be a suitable selection.  Your pup will need specific nutrients that are crucial for their growth and development.  Feeding your dog a healthy diet will help you keep it around for years many to come!
4. Food and water bowls
Now that you've got the right food, you'll want something to put it in.  You don't need anything super fancy, but it's a good idea to get bowls that are big enough for the appropriate amounts so you won't have to worry about overflow.  Larger bowls will mean you'll avoid the issue of spillage when your hungry or thirsty pup dives in headfirst.  You may also want to get some sort of pet food stand so that your dog won't have to lean down too much to eat or drink.  Research shows that elevating your puppy's bowls can aid in the digestion process and keep tummy troubles to a minimum.
5. Pet carrier

Something else your new puppy will need is a pet carrier.  This item will help you get your dog home safe and sound.  Look for one that's big enough for your particular breed. Your pup should be able to fit inside comfortably without having to scrunch.  Purchase a crate that will allow for room to grow so that you can use it for future vet visits as well.  A pet carrier can aid in keeping your dog protected when you're on the go.

Getting a puppy can be a lot of fun, but you have to make sure you're ready for its arrival.  While you'll likely need more items as your dog grows, the essential items on this list will provide a solid base to build on.  When you're prepared for your new pup, all you have to worry about is giving plenty of love to your family's latest member!

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jayson mores12 Nov 2014Reply
i am addict of them

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