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What your dog’s sleeping position says about him

 by james on 20 Jun 2022 |
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Dogs communicate in many ways, even while they’re asleep. Here are what some common canine sleeping position say about your pet. What your dog’s sleeping position says about him Just like people, dogs have unique sleeping positions that offer insig...

Why do cats have such good balance?

 by james on 01 Jun 2022 |
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Cats are masters of landing on their feet, and for good reason—your pet has several physical attributes that give him gr...

Signs your dog is co-dependent and how to help him

 by james on 18 May 2022 |
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Dogs love to be around their humans, but can become overly reliant in some cases. Here’s how to recognize signs of a cod...

How much playtime does my dog need?

 by james on 06 May 2022 |
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Playtime benefits our dogs mental and physically, but how much is enough? Here are some guidelines to help prioritize play with your pet. How much playtime does my dog need? Between busy work schedules and spending time with your human family, it c...

Why do dogs bark at each other during walks?

 by james on 25 Mar 2022 |
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Whether he wants to greet every dog on the street or is protective of his owner, a dog barks on walks. Here’s when it ca...

My dog’s legs are shaking—What does it mean?

 by james on 09 Mar 2022 |
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Dogs tremble when they are scared, excited or cold, and some pets seem to shake for no reason at all. Read on to learn a...

Signs of arthritis in dogs and how to help

 by james on 18 Feb 2022 |
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Dogs often cover signs of arthritis until late stages of the disease. Here a few ways to help keep your companion comfortable. Signs of arthritis in dogs and how to help Dogs experience many changes as they get older and arthritis is one of most co...

How to help your dog if he’s afraid of water

 by james on 28 Jan 2022 |
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Some dogs love to swim, but many are afraid to even get close to the water. Here are a few tips for helping Fido overcom...

Food allergies in dogs: What they are and how to help

 by james on 11 Jan 2022 |
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Food allergies are among the most common allergies in dogs, but many pet parents don’t know how to help. Consulting your...

How to help your cat lose weight

 by james on 29 Dec 2021 |
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Indoor cats live longer lives, but are more prone to pack on extra weight. Here are a few tips to help keep Kitty lose weight gradually. How to help your cat lose weight Keeping your cat indoors can help him live a longer life, but housecats are pr...