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Solve Your Cat's Boredom In 6 Easy Ways

 by jaime on 04 Nov 2014 |
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Cats are intelligent, curious creatures that require stimulation in order to be happy. As a result, your cat's quality of life will suffer if boredom sets in. While it's hard to know for sure whether your cat is bored, some of the more common signs include restlessness, vocalization and a tendency to destroy household items. In the first instance, it's important to rule out medical causes for restlessness and increased meowing, but if your vet has given your pet a clean bill of health then there is a chance that boredom is the key issue.

If you have an indoor cat, the good news is that (contrary to popular belief) you don't necessarily have to let your pet go outside in order to improve daily life. Here are some creative and effective things that you can do to keep your cat excited and stimulated.

1. Engage in interactive play

Ideally, you should provide your cat with at least two twenty-minute play sessions each day. Other commitments may prevent you from doing this quite as much as you would like, but do try to set aside a decent amount of time for interactive play. This process can involve dangling toys that hang from sticks, using a laser pointer to create moving light spots for the cat to chase, and throwing toys if your cat likes to retrieve them.

2. Get a cat scratching post or activity center

There are all kinds of cat activity centers available, so there is something to suit every budget. The goal is simply to get something that captures the cat's interest and allows your furry friend to jump, climb, explore or mark territory (using their claws).
3. Provide window views

Most cats love to look out of the window, especially if they have a chance to see birds and other types of wildlife, so try to provide some space for your cat to sit and look out. You can even look into window beds that conveniently sit where your cat will be able to see your garden or a view of the street.

4. Don't throw all your boxes in the trash

Almost all cats adore boxes and can turn them into playthings as well as sleeping locations. In fact, many owners express exasperation at the fact that their cats prefer the cheap cardboard box to the expensive, luxurious item they bought them!

5. Try a wide range of cat toys

Not all cats like to play with the same types of toys, and you want to make sure that your pet has plenty of ways to play when you don't have time to take part. Try catnip scented objects, rattling balls, squeaking mouse toys and anything else that might capture your cat's imagination.

6. Offer puzzles

Some particularly inquisitive and bright cats will enjoy playing with puzzles that offer a treat as a reward when solved. In addition, many owners find success with mazes that require the cat to use a paw to hit a ball.


~Trish - Comment
~Trish06 Nov 2014Reply
All excellent ideas. My cats would tear up this house if we didn't give them things to occupy their active little minds and bodies :)

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