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Bushfire Safety For Pets

 by alexandra on 17 Dec 2014 |
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Bushfire season means serious business, and it's important for you to have a plan prepared for yourself and your loved ones if you live near bush, grasslands, coastal areas and forests prone to fires. But it's not just your human family you should have a plan of safety for, you should also have one to ensure your pets survive these dangerous times.

Plan ahead of time
Although it can seem like a tiresome chore, making these preparations can mean the difference between life and death. Plan to both relocate in the event your home becomes in danger and for times where it is still safe to stay if the authorities permit this. Keep bags packed and near the door, in these you should have plenty of food and water for your pets, a lead, food and water bowls and any medications your pet may need. Not all emergency centres allow pets so make sure you have a safe place to take them (perhaps a relative's home) until the disaster is over, but do this well ahead of time. If bushfires are closeby then make sure you are keeping up to date via local radio, the internet or the phone. Do not wait to leave your home until the last minute, this could be fatal for your family and your pets.

Prepare for a stressed pet
Bushfires are not only scary and stressful for you, your pet may also be fearful, panicked and even in defense mode, this is possibly because they can sense the fear and stress from you, but chances are there will be lots of comotion so this can also distress your animals. Keep as calm as possible and reassure them. If they have accidents around the house, do not scold them, this is not a regular occurance and is just a reaction to their fear and anxiety.
ID is key
Make sure your pets are collared and are wearing an identification tag just in case for whatever reason you get separated from them. Although microchipping is always reccomended, it is particularly important during times of natural disasters. If you haven't microchipped your pets do so well ahead of time of bushfire season.

Keep them cool
It's not easy caring for yourself, your family and your pets during these tough times but it is essential for your dog or cats health. Just as you are drinking plenty of water and keeping as cool as possible, do the same for your pets. Make sure they are in a cool area of the house and they have plenty to eat and drink. Using a damp cloth wipe them down to reduce their temperature.

Overall bushfires are a very dangerous occurance, listen to the authorities who are working tirelessly to keep you, your neighbours and your homes safe.

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