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Pet Proof Your Home

 by zack on 25 Apr 2013 |
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Pets are the most adorable little pains available to contemporary pet owners. They have this nasty trick; they get you to love them so that you won’t immediately kill them for scratching your furniture, eating your shoes, or ruining the carpet. Luckily for you (and them too for that matter,) there are some simple steps you can take to pet proof your home against many of the minor or major offenses that dogs or cats might commit.

Tile/hardwood floors- If you have carpet and a puppy, you’re going to have a bad time. It’s just a rotten combination. This is probably the most expensive pet proofing alteration you can make, but it’s worth it based on avoiding the “ick” factor alone. Cleaning up feces is no picnic either way, but if you have to decide between scooping it up between individual carpet fibers or a flat surface, it’s a no brainer.

Doggy doors/kitty doors- This is a good way to enrich your pet’s life while simultaneously making yours easier. Once housetrained, a dog or cat can use these pet portals to easily reach the outdoors and do their business. So you won’t get those random false alarms when the family dog just wants to sporadically sniff random stuff. If you’re in a neighborhood with coyotes or other large predators this probably isn’t the best idea and you should always beware of other intrusive varmints that might come calling.

Dog Ramps- For the short stubby dog or the garden variety elderly pet, a tall set of stairs can be an even taller order. Or if you’re the type that likes to snuggle up on the bed with your Yorkie, you’d better either have a ramp or a mattress on the ground. Assuming you’ve moved past collegiate life, the latter makes more sense. Simple to make and inexpensive if you don’t feel like it. Ramps are a pet’s best friend.
Scratching posts-Scratching posts are a necessity for any cat owner. Cats have an insatiable need to rend, rip, and tear apart tall structures as a way of marking territory. Don’t fall victim to a territorially protective pussycat. Place some catnip saturated scratching posts wherever you can. Check out this earlier post on the blog for more detailed information.

Repellant sprays- If scratching posts are unsuccessful, or you have a rambunctious dog to contend with, you might consider purchasing a repellant spray. An odorless aerosol that carries a bitter taste pets would prefer to avoid. It should keep them from munching on anything too expensive.

Trash cans with lids
- Finally, if you’ve got an exposed trash can anywhere in the house, and you’re fond of throwing away leftovers, fragrant trash, or used feminine products then it would be highly advisable to get a can with a pop up lid. If it’s stinky, chances are your dog wants it in its mouth and all over your floor. Do the right thing and prevent your unpresentables from being on public display.

That’s all for now. Check back for more helpful pet tips!


Barbara Salamon - Comment
Barbara Salamon09 May 2013Reply
I have 3 dogs. One of which can open refrigerators and garbage cans with lids. All 3 enjoy eating disgusting things on the furniture. When I got a beautiful new leather pit group this was not a possibility. I purchased Scat Mats and they work like a dream! I also have tile through out my house and a doggie door to a fenced in yard!

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