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3 Benefits of Having an Office Dog

 by jaime on 01 Sep 2014 |
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The workplace is often viewed as a sterile, stressful, and boring place to be. There is a reason that most people look forward to Fridays and exhibit disdain for Mondays. The Great Recession that wreaked havoc on economies around the globe over the past seven years resulted in lower wages, threats of layoffs, and shrinking benefits. In an effort to bolster the mood and productivity of employees in recent years, many companies now allow workers to bring pets to work.
Are there benefits to having a so-called "office dog," or is it simply a distraction in the workplace?
Reduced stress
A study from Virginia Commonwealth University found that employees who bring a dog to work had less stress. Specifically, the study found that individuals who brought a dog to work produced lower levels of the hormone cortisol. This hormone is directly related to elevated stress levels. The study focused on a company that had anywhere between 20 and 30 dogs on the premises on any given day.
Those workers who had brought their dog to work with them saw their stress levels drop 11% as the day went on. On the other hand, workers without a dog in their office saw their stress increase 70%. Workers involved in the study said that simple actions such as rubbing their dog's ear, scratching its belly, or patting its head helped lower stress levels.
Forced breaks
As counterproductive as it seems, having an office dog that forces individuals to take breaks actually makes them more productive during the day. Numerous studies have found that taking frequent, short breaks helps increase productivity by giving the brain a break and helping refocus efforts when returning to work. With an office dog, employees have a chance to take numerous breaks during the day to take the dog for a brief walk or outside to use the bathroom.
Fostering a friendly environment
It can be easy to go about the workday with your head down and your mouth shut. Sometimes people just want to come and go, do their work, and get on with life. This might work for some people, but humans are inherently social and suffer without socialization. Office dogs create a natural conversation piece and offer employees a chance to interact as they take their dogs outside for a bathroom break or a brief walk over the lunch hour.
Not everyone in your office is going to be a fan of dogs. It is important to consult with everyone in the office before adopting an office dog, or allowing someone/everyone with pets to bring them in. Some people in the office may be allergic to dogs, making their day worse with the presence of an office dog. Others may simply find the movements and even noises of a dog distracting.
Additionally, there are good office dogs and bad office dogs. A good dog to bring to the office is one that gets along well with other people, and other dogs. You'll need a dog with good socialization and a calm demeanor to ensure that the office dog doesn't become an office distraction.

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Dogy karson - Comment
Dogy karson18 Jan 2018Reply
very useful. A dog is can help us Manny ways like they help to awake, secure the home, keep saving the front door.

Thank you

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