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How does the Seresto flea collar work?

 by eugene on 20 Feb 2019 |
3 Comment(s)
The Seresto flea and tick collar provides up to eight months of flea and tick prevention for pets, making it one of the most convenient treatments.

With the huge range of flea and tick treatments on the market, many pet owners turn to the most convenient and cost-effective medications to fight an infestation. That’s why the Seresto collar has become thousands of consumers’ go-to solution for pest prevention. This revolutionary flea and tick treatment provides up to eight months of protection from biting pests, protecting dogs and cats from disease and giving owners peace of mind.

Manufactured by time-honored veterinary science company Bayer, Seresto contains two active ingredients that fight fleas and ticks. An insecticide proven to be highly toxic to biting insects, Imidacloprid fights fleas at both their larval and adult stages. It is found in hundreds of other pet, garden and home products and works by binding to receptors that block pathways in the nervous system of fleas and ticks. Because it is much more effective on insects’ nerve cells than mammals’, Imidacloprid has been proven to be safe for use on dogs and cats. Seresto's other active ingredient, Flumethrin, also attacks the nervous system of parasites, fighting fleas in their nymph, larval and adult stages. This pesticide is found in low doses in the collar and does not pose a risk to pets or to the people around them. In fact, field trials found only a small percentage of dogs and cats faced minor side effects, such as irritation, hair loss, scratching and hair discoloration around the area of the collar.
Imidacloprid and Flumethrin work together to fight fleas and ticks for up to eight months, thanks to Seresto’s revolutionary design. The active ingredients are contained in a polymer matrix that slowly releases medication from the center of the collar to its surface. Seresto begins work almost immediately on contact with an animal’s fur and skin, where it forms a thin layer of protection against fleas and ticks. This odorless and non-greasy shield prevents parasites from attaching to your pet, where they can cause allergic reactions and transmit disease. And, because Seresto’s sustained release ensures a steady, low dose of medication, your pet will receive safe protection for up to eight months from each collar.

Seresto is water resistant and provides effective treatment for pets that spend a great deal of time in the water and receive regular baths. The collar has been deemed safe for use on dogs seven weeks or older, cats 10 weeks or older, and comes in several doses for dogs of varying sizes. Seresto has even been found safe for pets who chew on their collars, so you can rest assured that your companion is getting the best and longest-lasting protection from fleas and ticks.


Janet - Comment
Janet13 May 2020Reply
Once removed, how long does it remain active in the pet’s system?
DByron - Comment
DByron13 May 2020Reply
I would like to know this as well.
chesney - Comment
chesney13 May 2020Reply
The Seresto collar releases a low dose off its active ingredient to kill of fleas and ticks and prevent re-infestation for up to 8 months.
Rj - Comment
Rj13 May 2020Reply
Yes how long?
Magi B - Comment
Magi B18 Jun 2021Reply
After using this product for years on both my dogs, it is now offering no protection for my remaining dog. She has been plagued by ticks in the last 8-10 weeks and I have replaced a 3 m old collar again with a new one, 3 weeks ago and have still found numerous ticks attached to her poor little body. Any suggestions?
Cathy - Comment
Cathy24 Jun 2022Reply
Do the ticks need to be attached to the animal and take a blood meal in order to ingest the Seresto ingredientes that will kill it?

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