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November 2012

Top 3 Training Implements for Well-Behaved Canines

 by zack on 29 Nov 2012 |
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As we all know, dog training is no quick and easy endeavor, it takes time, patience, and determination. At the end of the day, it’s possible to bring your dog to a proficient level of understanding in most respects, using nothing but a reassuring voi...

Fortify your pet with Stronghold Flea and Worm Preventative

 by zack on 22 Nov 2012 |
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Stronghold flea and worm medication is another fine example of a multifaceted and all inclusive medication to defend you...

Cats and Dogs III: The Quest for Peace

 by zack on 20 Nov 2012 |
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There are a few more important aspects getting cats and dogs living together that we’ve yet to discuss. As we learned in...

A House Divided Cannot Stand: Cats and Dogs Living Together

 by zack on 18 Nov 2012 |
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As we discussed in the last article posted on the blog, having cats and dogs living together can be pretty complicated. They are two very different species with a two sets of completely different standards. Cats and dogs need some time to get adjuste...

A Legacy of Warfare: Cats vs. Dogs

 by zack on 16 Nov 2012 |
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Dogs and cats have been at each other’s throats since time immemorial. They are natural born enemies with polar opposite...

Generically Genius: Valuheart as an Ivermectin Alternative

 by zack on 15 Nov 2012 |
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Looking for an effective heartworm medication? Are you looking to save some money as well? Valuheart might be the perf...

Get Comfortable with Comfortis

 by zack on 10 Nov 2012 |
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Hello and welcome! It’s time for another product showcase in the ongoing war against fleas. This week’s item presented for your perusal goes by quite the contented moniker: Comfortis. Comfortis is a highly effective chewable monthly flea killer. This...

How to Avoid the Leading Causes of Death in Pets

 by zack on 03 Nov 2012 |
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Surprisingly enough in our in the era of information inundation, it’s somewhat difficult to ascertain the leading cause ...

Powerful Praise for Profender Spot on for Cats

 by zack on 02 Nov 2012 |
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Profender Spot on for Cats is one of those rare pet medications that really just gives a customer everything he or she ...