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January 2014

Reading Your Dog Food Ingredient Label: What You Should Look For and What You Should Avoid

 by wai on 22 Jan 2014 |
4 Comment(s)
When it comes to feeding your dog, you have a lot of options to choose from.  You know that table scraps won't provide the nutrition your pup needs, but you may not realize that certain dog foods can actually contain potentially harmful ingredients a...

Heartworm Disease in Cats

 by wai on 15 Jan 2014 |
5 Comment(s)
Until recently, most experts would say that cats did not get heartworms.  Over the past few years, research has begun to...

Dog Depression: Common Signs, Causes And Easy Solutions

 by wai on 06 Jan 2014 |
5 Comment(s)
Dogs, like people and many other animals, get depressed. Major change, a substantial loss, or even the weather can creat...