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October 2015

Introducing a New Cat to Your Existing Ones

 by petbucket on 29 Oct 2015 |
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Getting a new cat is an exciting time for everyone. Yet there can be challenges posed if you are introducing the new pet into a house with other cats. It is a myth that cats are solitary animals, but their social groups have complex rules of hierarch...

Safety Guidance for the Inside Pet

 by petbucket on 23 Oct 2015 |
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Pets are often compared to children, with affectionate names like "my babies" or "my fur-children." To be sure, there is...

3 Simple Rules for Selecting a Better Dog Food

 by petbucket on 15 Oct 2015 |
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A dog's diet is one of the biggest influences on its health, longevity, and overall quality of life. Making better decis...

Common Diseases in Dogs

 by petbucket on 08 Oct 2015 |
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Numerous diseases can affect your pet dog. Some are more serious and contagious and some are preventable, so it's important for owners to understand the symptoms and clinical signs which could point to their dog suffering from a common disease.   Ken...

Golden Retrievers: Blessed With Great Genetics

 by petbucket on 01 Oct 2015 |
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Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. In fact  it is the third-most popular family dog br...