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January 2016

Essential Rules of Dog Obedience Training

 by petbucket on 21 Jan 2016 |
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Obedience training can prove frustrating and overwhelming. When your puppy refuses to relieve himself outside or Lassie keeps snatching food off the table, it can be easy to give up and view the whole ordeal as hopeless. Rather than blowing a gasket ...

What To Do About A Cat Scratching Furniture

 by petbucket on 14 Jan 2016 |
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Cats may be the most popular kind of pet in the world, beloved for their companionship and antics. Unfortunately, a comm...

Dangerous Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat

 by petbucket on 06 Jan 2016 |
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Many dog owners are unable to resist those pleading eyes at dinnertime and give in by feeding their pooch scraps of huma...