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June 2016

The Safe Way to Break Up a Dog Fight

 by lucy on 30 Jun 2016 |
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Like CPR or the Heimlich Maneuver, breaking up a dogfight is one of those skills you hope you never use. The fact is, however, not all dogs get along. The best way to deal with a dogfight is to watch for warning signs and stop aggressive behavior bef...

Turns out, you actually can take your cat for a walk

 by lucy on 22 Jun 2016 |
2 Comment(s)
To most of us, the idea of walking a cat on a leash seems absurd. Cats are, after all, free-willed creatures that don’t ...

Crate Training Your Dog

 by lucy on 16 Jun 2016 |
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Your dog’s decision to nap under the table or behind the sofa may seem odd, but to him it is perfectly natural. That’s b...

The Dos and Don’ts of Making Eye Contact with Dogs

 by lucy on 09 Jun 2016 |
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While dogs are capable of forming a range of barks, grunts and whimpers, their primary means of communication is body language. As with people, eye contact is one of the foremost forms of body language used by our canine companions. However, locking ...

Why do cats sleep in strange places?

 by lucy on 01 Jun 2016 |
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Every cat owner has come home to find his favorite feline sleeping in shoeboxes, dresser drawers, or behind the sofa. It...