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August 2016

What to do when your dog has an upset stomach

 by yunus on 31 Aug 2016 |
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Dogs can develop an upset stomach for many reasons, but by far the most common cause is that Fido ate something he shouldn’t have. Like toddlers, our canine companions explore the world by putting things in their mouths, and an upset tummy, vomiting,...

Why does my cat lick me?

 by yunus on 24 Aug 2016 |
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Dogs lavish us with kisses, but cats are often more subtle in their displays of affection. While a sandpapery tongue isn...

How to stop your cat from biting

 by yunus on 17 Aug 2016 |
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As much as it may alarm you, all cats have a reason when they bite. Whether it’s a reaction to pain or a simple message ...

Why does my dog jump and how can I stop him?

 by yunus on 09 Aug 2016 |
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It may be cute in a puppy, but when your full-grown dog jumps up to greet you, it can be a nuisance and dangerous for children and elderly friends. Because dogs jump up to say “hello,” it can be difficult to break them of the habit. With some consist...

Establishing yourself as pack leader

 by lucy on 03 Aug 2016 |
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Dogs are pack animals by nature and follow a sophisticated set of rules regarding pack order. Establishing yourself as y...