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Cats in the Kitchen

 by simone on 02 May 2014 |
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1. The hardest thing about preparing sushi is not eating all the fish before the guests arrive. Don’t be tempted by that tasty, rich, fresh, juicy, tender fish.


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2. Oh come on, just a little taste. You’ll love it I promise. Just one incy-wincy kitten sized taste.


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3. Only the tiniest of paw-pinches should do the trick for this recipe. 


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4. Remember to have fun with your baking and add a little of your own personality. Isn’t this cake simply adorable! And cute and intelligent and talented… oooooh and so pretty…



5. One invaluable tip my nonna from Bologna taught me was to always warm the pasta before cooking. It gives it the most amazing texture. 



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6. Once the pastry feels firm to the paw and looks shiny, then the pie is ready to be enjoyed. 


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7. It’s really important to make sure there are no lumps. Any lumpy bits can be stored on your chin and whiskers for later.


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8. Excuse me but this roast DOES NOT need more seasoning!



9. Oh hi, umm, you’re right there. So, you’re meant to put your paws right in the cake mix. I’ve seen Nigella do it I swear to you.



10. Job well done indeed. Happy kitties means a happy chef.






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