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11 First World Problems for Cats

 by simone on 21 Mar 2017 |
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You may think that cats have a carefree existence eating, playing and sleeping. But they have problems too, for instance the warm sun moves throughout the day. IT MOVES!

1. I can't believe she left me for a whole day to do something silly like get married.

2. This isn't even rose scented. How hard is it people!

3. I will allow you one cuddle then I'll need my breakfast. The things I do ...

4. I know I LOOK great but they didn't have any smaller sizes. I feel like I'm wearing a muumu! 


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5. Get to the belly rub already! 

6. Their idea of a 'luxury' bed will just have to do.


7. Gourmet turkey and pork sausages for dinner again (sigh). 

8. The human child has the larger bedroom. I mean, I can barely move around in here. 


9. You're up and down like a yo-yo. Unless I need something stay right here.  


10. Every time these guys breathe it feels like an earthquake. I've only had six hours sleep this morning.  


11. Sooooo bored. There's nothing fun to do in this house. 


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