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6 Lessons in Cat Reality

 by simone on 24 May 2014 |
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1. How they think they look frolicking in the snow.
"So powerful, so fast and so all-terrain."

How they really look.
"Help, I can't feel my whiskers."
2. How they think they look in close-up.
"Hey girl, can I buy you a glass of cream sometime?"

How they really look.
"Hey girl... hey girl...wait up I want to ask you something... can you hear me?" 

3. How they think they look climbing trees.
"I'll just be here looking wonderful, sniffing these strategically placed flowers that purrfectly complement my fur."

How they really look.
"Hurry, get help. My claws can't hold on much longer."
4. How they think they look lounging around.
"Mmmm so cosy and soft. This sofa and I were meant for each other."

How they really look.
"Does this sofa make my bum look big? I think it's cut the circulation to my tail"


5. How they think they look having drinking.
"Oops I have managed a few small, delightful drops of milk on my lips that make me look more adorable." 


How they really look.
"Don't blame me, the bowl's too big. Ow ow ow - I think some got in my eye." 


6. How they think they look enjoying the rain.
"John Updike once said, '
Rain is grace; rain is the sky condescending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life.' Such exquisite words.”

How they really look.
"Sing in the rain they said. Go jump some puddles. It will be fun they said." 


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