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10 Very Fetching Dogs

 by simone on 25 May 2014 |
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All dogs are gorgeous and lovable but these ones happen to be particularly fetching.

1. Friends call this helpful pup 'Letters'. Sometimes the mail arrives a little slobbery with bite marks but a bit of training and Letters could learn to do that to bills only.  
2. I know it's in here somewhere. Hey, I found the frisbee.  
3. Fence? Ha! I chortle in the face of your so-called obstacle. 

4. I says to Daisy ... oh sorry, here's your ball. Anyway, I says to Daisy, not without chewing you won't. 

5. I want you to know that I'm doing great without you.  

6. So I guess I just knock the ball in here and then what? Any moment now ... Wow. BEST. BUCKET-THINGY. EVER.
7. The solenoid is from Japan and now the torque is optimised. I adjusted the angle of trajectory, increased the input wattage and voila, I simply fetch the ball. 
8. I gots it, I gots the ball. Ha ha, I gots water up my muzzle. 

9. Well, Australia's coastline is bigger than it looks. I might need a minute before you throw my favourite stick again.
10. Why won't you throw the stick? I've put it right at your feet so you hardly have to move at all. Please. Oh come on, throw it. PLEASE.
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