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7 Tips To Celebrate Your Pet's Birthday

 by simone on 02 Jun 2014 |
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Everyone loves a birthday celebration when they are lavished with attention, gifts and tasty treats - and our pets are no different. Here's a few tips to help you have fun on the big day but keep things safe for your little furry, feathered or scaled loved one. 

1. OMG Cake!

What would a birthday be without cake? It would be rather untasty and frankly, boring! But the cake needs to be pet-friendly and nutritious for the birthday boy or girl. If you have time, jump online and find a recipe for a cake suitable for your pet. Some online stores even sell packet cake mixes and kits. If you are pressed for time, head to a specialist pet bakery for a cake, pastries and treats. 

2. Food No-nos

For nibbles, buy some delicious (and appropriate) treats for your pet or make your own ensuring that you use only healthy and safe ingredients. Foods affect animals differently so do your research beforehand. As a general rule avoid sugars (sugar, corn syrup, molasses and brown rice syrup), preservatives and artificial flavours, colours or additives. Dogs and cats shouldn’t eat too much fat (chicken fat, pork fat, or vegetable oils are best) or too many starchy carbohydrates. Too much fatty barbecue scraps can give a dog or cat pancreatitis and organ damage.

For dogs, cats as well as many other small mammals such as rabbits, avoid the following foods: corn, garlic and onion, raw fish (cats can tolerate a small amount), dairy foods, grapes and raisins, mushrooms, tomatoes, macadamia nuts, avocado, cooked bones (these can splinter), citrus peels and oils, rhubarb, the seeds and pips of apples, apricots, cherries, persimmons, peaches and plums, green potatoes and breakfast cereals.

Also salt, caffeine and alcohol are to be avoided. If you are thinking of allowing your pet some chocolate indulgence then DON'T. Chocolate is an absolute no-no. Carob is a chocolate substitute safe for dogs, cats and rabbits. 

3. Moderation 

It's important to remember not to go overboard with food treats or let your pet overindulge. It can make your pet uncomfortable and cause some digestive issues. Balance sensibility with spoiling on their special day.

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4. Presents


Make sure any presents and toys you buy are safe and intended for your pet. It’s a good idea to purchase any presents from a reputable pet store, supplier or your vet. 

5. Party Time 

You can have a quiet and intimate celebration or have a party and invite any of your pet’s human friends as well as their animal friends.

6. Make it special

Have the whole family spend some quality time engaging with your pet, playing games and showing them some birthday love. Make it extra fun by taking your dog to the beach or a new park, building a homemade activity centre for your cat from boxes, pillows and baskets, and if it is safe to do so, allow your guinea pig, rabbit etc a longer wander outside their cage. 

7. Decorations

Decorations will really bring the party vibe but they can be dangerous for pets. Tinsel, ribbon and dangling ornaments will look very inviting to cats as something to play with. Clean up any wrapping paper, string, plastic etc as soon as possible. If eaten by your cat or dog these, items will likely get stuck and require removal by surgery. Pets can get tangled in lights or chew on the wires. Hang any decorations out of your pet’s reach. And of course be mindful or pets and candles. 

Mum said to share. It's my birthday too!
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