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What's your Pet's Poop Score?

 by wai on 16 Jun 2014 |
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Does your pup’s poo resemble hard nuts or soft piles? While the occasional soft stool or bout of diarrhea is normal for most pets, persistent soft stool samples are often the first sign of a more serious matter, especially if it’s accompanied by other symptoms.

Veterinarians often use a scoring system to help identify the softness of your pet’s stool sample. Here’s a comprehensive ranking of fecal matters – in a more palatable manner.

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What should I do if my pet has an unusual stool sample?
More often than not, diet is the reason for your pet’s softer stools. Some remedies include adding a probiotic powder to your dog’s current food or switching to a diet of plain rice and chicken for a while. Canned pumpkin (not spiced pie filling!) has also been known to help regulate bowel movements.  If the diarrhea returns, consult your vet for more guidance. 


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