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Choosing a Gate For Your Dog

 by alexandra on 18 Nov 2014 |
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Each dog is unique and just like us, they have their own individual needs. So it's up to us as their humans to meet them and nurture them. When purchasing a dog gate it's important to take note of your dog's needs, their size and where the gate is to be located. Here's a quick guide to picking the right gate for your pal.

Outdoor Gates

These types of gates are perfect if you need to keep your dog safely on your patio or fenced into a yard. Choose an outdoor dog gate made of weather-resistant material that won't be damaged by the elements is key. A wood gate should be treated with weather resistant stains. There are plenty of these on the market that can be used to block off stairs and there are even larger versions which can be used as play pens. 
Indoor Gates
Freestanding pet gates are ideal for indoors as they can be installed without damaging your interiors. They are also great because you can move them around the house to the area that suits you. They are generally light-weight and come in a wide variety of colours, styles and are made in many materials to suit your homes decor.

Gates For Extra Large Dogs
Not all gates are created equal and if you have a large dog that will become very clear if you have an average sized gate. Luckily there are gates specially designed for larger dogs so they can't just walk or jump over them. Some are freestanding while others can be attached to walls or doorframes and will have a walk through gate so you won't need to pole vault your way over them.

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