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What To Do When Your Dog Won't Go For A Walk

 by alexandra on 24 Dec 2014 |
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Some dogs pull, jump and pounce to get their owners to take them on a walk-however, your pooch may not be as excited about walkies. While a break from walks may seem like a great idea, it could be a sign that your dog is ill.

So first, let's try and work out why your dog may be disinterested in walks. It is important to eliminate any medical conditions so see your veterinarian and discuss this with them. They may suggest doing some blood tests, urine and stool samples or x-rays, just to see if there is anything a little out of whack with your dog's insides. 

If your vet clears your dog of any medical ailments that are preventing them from enjoying his or her daily walk, it could a sign of a behavioural problem. Your four-legged friend may just be bored of the monotonous daily walk just as you might be. Fix this by adding some interest by jogging, running or even visiting a dog park half way through your route to entice your dog. Chances are that he or she will notice the change and it will encourage the likelihood of them wanting to go on a walk. You may also try taking different routes, going hiking, swimming or even bringing another dog to liven things up.
If it's not lack of variation that has your dog disinterested, you may need to consult with a behaviourist. Some dogs may have experienced something traumatic on a walk and this could be what is stopping them from going on another. Animal behaviourists can help both you and your dog to move past this type of experience so that you are both able to enjoy your walks again. Remember you too will need to move past any negative experiences and focus on the now so that you are not giving off any fearful or negative energy that your dog might pick up on. If you think that the experience may occur again then take a different route so that you feel more confident and relaxed.

Enjoying walks is very important as it allows your dog to exercise and release any excess energy- so don't give up. It is something to work on but with patience and diligence you can enjoy walkies again.

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