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Tips for raising puppy for the fisrt time owners

 by petbucket on 23 Apr 2015 |
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Everyone knows that puppies are a lot of work. The good news is, raising a puppy  doesn't have to be exhausting or frustrating. Here are five tips for surviving puppyhood:

Be choosy. To make raising a puppy the best experience it can be, begin at the beginning--with the right puppy. Take the time to research breeds and breeders. Poorly-bred puppies can be prone to mental and physical problems, just as certain breeds tend to have hyperactivity or aggression issues. It's a good idea to visit and observe several puppies before deciding on one. Of course, some of the best puppies come from rescue groups, so don't leave out this option when looking for a puppy.

Crate train. Although crate training a puppy might be tedious, time consuming, and tiring in the beginning, the benefits of having a crate-trained dog will be worth the effort. The crate not only provides the puppy with a safe, secure place to unwind or nap, it gives you freedom--to leave the house or go about your business at home without worrying about the puppy's safety and antics. You will especially appreciate the crate at night, when both you and your puppy need restful time alone.

Spoil your puppy. Puppies are a lot less tiring, attention seeking, and naughty when they have things to do. Offering your puppy a variety of toys will help eliminate boredom and bad behaviour. Good toy choices include puppy puzzles, which require strategy and brain work, and durable chew toys. Besides offering toys, consider enrolling your puppy in a class, like puppy kindergarten or puppy agility. Or, do something on your own, like teach your puppy tricks, play interactive games, or organize a puppy play group.
Set up a routine. Most people have a well-established daily routine, so they know how important structure is to health and well-being. Providing a puppy with structure--from scheduled meal times to daily activities to a nightly bedtime routine--is good for the dog too because he will gain a better sense of trust and confidence when he knows what to expect day-to-day. Teaching a puppy structure early on will not only make your life easier, it will make his life better.  

Take breaks. Raising a puppy shouldn't be a 24/7 job and you will want and need to take breaks from your puppy. Spending time away from your new dog is healthy and beneficial for both of you; your puppy will learn how to separate from you, and you will feel refreshed, reinvigorated, and ready to refocus on your puppy.

There's no question, puppies can be exhausting, But with these tips, raising a puppy can be one of the best experiences--for both owner and dog.


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