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What’s the safest way to travel with my dog?

 by bora on 18 Oct 2019 |
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Being a pet parent doesn’t mean you have to leave Fido behind on trips. With these tips, you can carry your dog on your next adventure.

Many dog parents take their canine companion everywhere, which can mean long trips in the car. Whether it is a week at the beach or jaunt to the park, however, your pet’s safety is a top concern. Here are a few tips for protecting Fido in the car:

Avoid unsafe seats: When riding with your four-legged friend, it is crucial to know which seats are unsafe for pets. Avoid the front passenger’s seat, which can cause injuries in the case of airbag deployment during a crash. Riding with small dogs in your lap is also a no-go, as this can lead to distracted driving and block your view of the road.

Consider crating: One safe option for traveling with Fido is carrying him in a crate. Place the crate the floor of the back seat or in an open storage or trunk area, but do not leave it on the back seat, which can be unstable. Crates can be strapped down to improve stability while you’re on the road.
Invest in a dog seat belt: Seat belts for pets are another option when traveling with your dog. These are essentially full-body harnesses with a loop that connects to your car’s seatbelts, helping restrain your dog in case of an accident. Not all dog seat belts are created equal, however, so be sure to look for a model with a thick, padded strap that can distribute force across your pet’s chest and back, minimizing the impact on his neck and preventing him from flying forward in case of a crash. Tethers should be short and secured to your dog’s back, rather than his neck, and allow him to sit comfortably during the ride. These work well for larger dogs, while dog car seats, which are essentially secured beds, can serve a similar purpose for small to mid-sized pets.

Pack properly: When taking longer trips with your dog, be prepared. Pack plenty of water for the journey and enough of Fido’s regular food for the entire trip. Help your companion feel comfortable by packing a few of his favorite toys, too. Take frequent bathroom breaks and, if your pet is prone to motion sickness, consider investing in a crate, which can help ease travel sickness.

Having a dog doesn’t mean you have to stop taking trips. On the contrary, with the right preparation, your dog can participate in many of your road trips, improving the bond you share and enhancing his quality of life.


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