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D. Degennaro
Advantage for dogs.
Excellent! I have used this product on both of my pugs for their entire life. One is 13 y/o and the other is 15 y/o. We have NEVER had flea problems and they have experienced no side effects from this flea prevention. Highly recommend!
T. Taylor
Very effective treatment for fleas and ticks
I use this on my cat, who is an indoor/outdoor feline. He loves to be outside during the day while I'm at work and this product does the job very nicely. I've never seen a flea or tick on him nor has he had any side effects from it. Definitely recommend.
P. Davari
It bites to have fleas
Hey, It bites to have fleas so why not have Advantage on auto ship then you'll never have to worry about what bites.
V. Love
Fleas be gone
I love Advantage! It gets rid of fleas fast. I applied to both of my dogs and the next morning no fleas could be found. It seems that it took care of the ones on my cat too. Didn't put it on the cat but I now find no fleas period!!
Nancy Welle
Great product and prices
Great product and prices!! Arrived sooner than expected!